Fugaplast 2-12 Flex

Fugaplast 2-12 Flex

Technical data

Technical Data Sheet


Powder product based on cement, selected aggregates, synthetic resins, special waterproofing additives and coloured pigments with high resistance to alkalis and detergents, in different colours, light, fast in time and keeping the original colour.


FUGAPLAST 2-12 FLEX is suitable in the following cases:
Grouting of tiles with joints up to 12 mm.
Grouting of tiles installed nearby with fine finishing.
For grouting floors and walls, FUGAPLAST 2-12 FLEX shall be mixed with EUROLATEX FUGA replacing the water completely.

Preparing the mix

Mix 5 kg of FUGAPLAST 2-12 FLEX with about 1,5 l. of clean water. Mix until a smooth and consistent mix. The mix must then rest for about 5 minutes, stirring it again before using it.

cementitious sealant

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