Viscoflex EK70

Viscoflex EK70

Technical data

Technical Data Sheet


VISCOFLEX EK 70 is a cementitious adhesive white or grey composed of cement and aggregates with high quantity of synthetic resins and special additives. It is water resistant and with null vertical slip. It is especially recommended for the installation of non-absorbent tiles, floors subject to continuous traffic and of ceramic tiles on old ones. For indoor and outdoor use.


Indoor and outdoor installation on cementitious renders and screeds of porcelain, stoneware and every type of ceramic tiles and solid stone materials. Installation of ceramic tiles on ceramic, and solid natural stones. Installation of ceramic tiles (size up to 900 cm2) on heating floors and installation of ceramic tiles in terraces and balconies.

Preparing the mix

Mix VISCOFLEX EK 70 with 7.0-7.5 lt of clean water with a 25 kg bag, preferably by mechanical stirrer with low speed, until the mixture has a uniform, gloss appearance and plastic consistency. The mix must then rest for about 10 minutes, stirring it shortly again before using it. The mix prepared in this way has a use time of about 8 hours.

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