PlusKoll EK 10

PlusKoll EK 10

Technical data

Technical Data Sheet


PLUSKOLL EK 10 is a white or grey powder composed of cement, inert of selected granulometry, and special additives for ceramic tiles on floors and walls, on traditional cement mortar and cement surface.


PLUSKOLL EK 10 is adapted to fix ceramic tiles on floors and walls.

Preparing the mix

PLUSKOLL EK 10 must be mixed with clean water to obtain an homogenous paste free lump. After a few minutes of resting, it must be re-mixed and the paste is then ready for use.

The quantity of water to be used is 22-24 parts per 100 parts (by weight) equal to 5- 5,5 litres of water for 20 kg. of PLUSKOLL EK 10. The mix, produced in this way, is workable for at least 6 hours.

cementitious adhesive application

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