Technical data

Technical Data Sheet


MARMOELITE is a white adhesive powder composed of high-strength cements, graded particle size aggregates, synthetic resins and special additives. It has been formulated and developed for the reliable installation of almost all marble, granite, natural stone and marble agglomerate.


MARMOELITE is adapted for floor and wall installation of marble, marble agglomerate and composite marble tile, including low thickness tiles. MARMOELITE can be used for interior and exterior floor and wall tiling with natural stone and granite.

Preparing the mix

Mix MARMOELITE with 27% water (about seven litres of water for one 25 kg bag of powder) until the mixture has a uniform, glossy appearance and plastic consistency. Leave it to rest approximately 5 minutes and restir.MARMOELITE has a pot life of approximately 6 hours.

cementitious adhesive application

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