The Concetti Group has been working in the International market for more than thirty years.

The wide range of products offered by the Group, derives by the costant research and development carried out every day in the Concetti labs.

Adhesive for marble, tiles and porcelain, grout, primer, plasters and mortars, products for preparation of substrates and products for the recovery of structures, have specific formulations that are adapted to the climate of each territory.

The steady growth in the international market has allowed the Group to acquire new brands and offer a variety of product lines and sales. Modern production techniques allow us to execute orders quickly and ship material fast because the Concetti Group has been collaborating for many years with the largest international shipping companies, allowing us to reach the ports of destination in a very short time.

The main markets for Concetti Group are the North African band: Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Nigeria. The Group also works in the Arab-Asian market: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman.

The Group’s objective is to expand across the rest of the world. The Concetti Group is looking for new partnerships with international customers.

A company in step with the times, thanks to its history...
Concetti since 1955 serving customers.

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